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Prep the user to sell for you by anticipating objections

Prep the user to sell for you to the decision maker by anticipating the latter’s objections. There are different members of the buying centre of an organization and it is not a given that you will immediately sell to the right one. This is because the right one could be plural-in fact in B2B selling,

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How to sell doubt and differentiate yourself

Differentiating yourself on price is a race for the bottom. Who hits bottom first, wins. And be dammed the cost. All else lose. Differentiating yourself by ethically selling doubt is more productive. But how to sell doubt, you wonder? Well, read on. First off, doubt triggers pause. Doubt triggers introspection. Doubt triggers attention. And all

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Only calendar changed targets didn’t

Rainmakers know only the calendar changed, targets didn’t. “Rainmakers don’t have excuses. You either made the sale or you didn’t; no-one wants to hear why you didn’t bring in the sale” “Don’t get too excited about this New Year stuff. Only the calendar has changed. The spouse, the job, the targets remain the same.” And

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“Because of Corona…” is fading to an excuse

“Corona, after all, is no longer “imported” but “locally produced”. ‘Because of Corona is therefore a hard sell If you’re thinking it, they’ll ask it. So instead of wishing it away, or resigning to fate, address it instead. Think of an appropriate response, dwell on it, experiment with it, iterating it to perfection with every

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Think for the buyer and avoid the dreaded “Let me think about it.”

Usually, this requires that you understand his circumstance because it is the lens through which he is looking at the problem. Think for the buyer to accelerate the sale. Leave nothing for his imagination Spell out how you see the sale going through from his point of view. And do this without disrupting his circumstances,

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