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“Because of Corona…” is fading to an excuse

“Corona, after all, is no longer “imported” but “locally produced”. ‘Because of Corona is therefore a hard sell If you’re thinking it, they’ll ask it. So instead of wishing it away, or resigning to fate, address it instead. Think of an appropriate response, dwell on it, experiment with it, iterating it to perfection with every

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Drop your pride, sell to the ‘irrelevant’ too

It’s not the voter but the vote counter that matters… The CFO has no desire to insist that your PDQ be the one to be used. He doesn’t care. Be discerning of where the actual sale happens and sell there too. Let not your mingling with executive power cloud your judgment. Simply because the bosses

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Navigating the decision making maze of a business

This dilemma replicates itself in business-to-business (B2B) selling. The assumption, for instance, that a nod from the Managing Director will automatically open all doors to the purchase of your solar panels, is a fallacy. ‘Do you want to speak to the man of the house, or the woman in charge?’ So I once read on

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