Sales Pitch!, takes a detour today in honour of the tragic deaths resulting from the ongoing #rejectfinancebill2024 protests. Let’s us reflect on these posts for the same reason

To transform their organizations CEOs and leaders must sell

Employees are not hugely motivated by their employer’s reasons for change. Leadership must therefore learn how to win the hearts and minds of their staff, i.e., sell to them… Telling the if they don’t change they will be fired has historically proven ineffective…Read more

If the dogs aren’t eating your Irresistible Dog Food because they do not like, or need it, your multi-shilling marketing blitz, top notch salespeople and mouth= watering commission structure won’t make them eat it.

To propel the sale, adapt the pitch to the position even in rejectfinancebill2024 protests

For instance, to the Sales Director, how your service or product will accelerate sales. (For this one, it is unlikely the strategy reads different). Try deviating to non-sales matters and you will see his eyes glaze over and his attention wane. To the Human Resources Director, how the staff will be affected. If the strategy speaks of how to increase productivity, then show how you will propel this. And if cost management is in the plan, then Finance will be keen to hear how your product or service will help the organization manage cost. If the product is a software installation, it is expected by the ICT department that you will have verified compatibility with their system. You catch the drift…. Read more.

It’s one thing selling to voters on the campaign trail and a whole new ball game, a citizenry desperately awaiting fulfilment of your sales pitch, as evidenced by rejectfinancebill2024 protests.

#rejectfinancebill2024 protests

Even with rejectfinancebill2024 protests, benefits sell features tell. Here’s why

Drumming your presentation on how the shirt will cover one’s back and torso and has sleeves long enough to cover his arms won’t get you very far. Crafting your effective presentation around how he will look, what his peers will say, or how he it will feel, will more likely sink home…Read more.

As we are witnessing with rejectfinancebill2024 protests, politicians are gifted in sharing benefits (“Roads will be built, utafinyafinya computer, hospitals equipped and teachers empowered”). Cleverly, they don’t tell you the price you will have to pay for that (like the insidious risk of losing your ancestral land over inclusion of unlawful taxes). Like them, you don’t need to share features in your pitch. Unlike them, however, you should be ethical in the knowledge that the features do not frustrate the customer to the point that they whitewash the benefits.

These are trying and unprecedented times for our country, Kenya. It was #TotalShutdownKe on Tuesday and #OccupyParliament was attained. Today (Thursday) is #RoadtoStatehouse with talk of State of Emergency trending. God help Kenya as #rejectfinancebill2024 protests continue to evolve.

Read: Lessons in selling from government mistruths, half-truths and lies

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