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First, the sales ebook, Priceless! Practical Nuggets For Your Sales Problems (Book 3) is out! Download it, and any of the previous versions for free by filling out the form below.

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    Sales training e-book

    Next, the sales e-book from Lend Me Your Ears, is a convergence of choice posts filled with practical selling tips. Also, this free ebook on sales contains instantly actionable tips that will let you, or your sales team, deploy their best productivity yet. Further, as Sales Manager or business owner, this sales ebook free download in pdf format is useful for training. It will give you unlimited content to train your sales team with, in your weekly meetings. It may not be among the top 10 or 20 sales training books worldwide but based on readers, it is one of a kind.

    More benefits of sales ebook

    Further, as a Sales e-book you enjoy portability and shareability. Something you would struggle with with a paper book. Still, if hard copy is your fancy, this sales eBook is easy to print out and bind into a paper book. This ebook from Lend Me Your Ears, is for sellers in the 21st Century and especially for the Africa market.

    Finally, readers as yourself, have expressed how, “practical and easy to understand” the content is. To quote, “You really simplify selling. Even for non-salespeople as myself, it is easy to relate to, and action the content.”

    Other options

    Besides the Sales ebook, if you would like to have your sales team sell more, as Lend Me Your Ears, we can also help. Check our budget friendly online sales course here or fill the form below or watch the video if you wish for a different engagement.

    In order for us to do so we propose a free consultation meeting or a call. If in agreement please complete the form below and we will get in touch after receiving your details, none of which will be public. Thank you.

    Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world with Lend Me Your Ears. It’s Free! Most sales newsletters offer tips on “What” to do. But, rarely do they provide insight on exactly “How” to do it. Without the “How” newsletters are a waste of time.