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4 whys in sales that you should answer to close faster

“Which theme do you want for your new website?” the techie asks his client. He responds: “Why do you ask?” The techie says: “Well besides personal preference, themes can also determine attraction to a site. For example, here let me show you…” After the demonstration the client’s eyes light up with revelation. “Ahh, I see…”

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Bye bye 2022. 2023 here we come

2022 will be over in another 10 days. Bye bye 2022. Sales Pitch! takes a break till 2023 and leaves you with these parting shots. Will our Christmas tradition as Kenyans be maintained this year? Will yours? Find out here. Indeed, are you Kenyan enough? Read: Bye-bye 2023. Out with the old, in with the

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Sales coaching importance to sales management

Sales’ coaching separates stellar sales managers from average ones. Sales management is not everyone’s cuppa tea and effective sales managers are few. These few know that sales coaching importance cannot be gainsaid The meaning of sales coaching Sales coaching can be defined as a continual formal one-on-one engagement by the sales manager with his team

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3 tips to boost your sales this January

Yes. It’s here. Another year, another January, another reminder. “Don’t get too excited about this New Year stuff. Only the calendar has changed. The spouse, the job, the targets remain the same.” So, here are three tips to boost your sales this January. 1. You can never listen your way out of a sale You

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