Corona, after all, is no longer “imported” but “locally produced”. ‘Because of Corona is therefore a hard sell

If you’re thinking it, they’ll ask it. So instead of wishing it away, or resigning to fate, address it instead. Think of an appropriate response, dwell on it, experiment with it, iterating it to perfection with every attempt.  The result is a liberating experience and growth.  What am I on about? Objections; these are statements potential buyers (prospects) make to the seller that seem to erect walls instead of laying out bridges.

Besides the usual, “Your price is too high,”, “Let me think about it” and “I’ve never heard of you”, brace yourself for, “You know because of Corona (this or that).” In essence, objections bordering on the pandemic and how it has stalled everything purchase.  Maybe you’ve already experienced it and if so brace yourself for an acceleration of it. And why? Because, reflective of how the economy is opening up, almost against the pandemic grain, so will businesses. For instance, schools cannot remain closed indefinitely, which is the time horizon this pesky virus seems to want to stay with us.

Responding to objection in B2B

And if you are selling in the business-to-business space, for instance,  to the objection (by a decision maker) that, “Because of Corona, and the need for social distancing, we are unable to proceed”, you could respond thus: “It is true we need to exercise personal responsibility. It is also true that we need to balance between lives and livelihoods. Informed by data, not fear, the government is to be commended for showing us the way, by reviving domestic tourism while displaying personal responsibility.

As business we owe it to ourselves and economy to emulate (or support) this. If we don’t, then we will be failing in our responsibility.  This is why we should look for ways to move forward into growth and recovery. This plan allows us to do so. Let me explain.”

Because of Corona

As things stand, short of a miracle, this virus is going nowhere and we are learning how to take it in stride. It is, after all, no longer “imported” but “locally produced”. Employers will increasingly not accommodate, “Because of Corona…” as a reason, but will instead dismiss it as an excuse, for stagnated sales.

People want to move on

People (buyers and sellers) want to move on with their lives and livelihoods and I’m not being careless or callous with that statement. It is fact, backed with knowledge of how things have unfolded thus far. But I digress.

Objections will take a new turn before things settle down, whatever that will look like and whenever that will be.  In the meantime, not asking for an appointment because the buyer will play the social distancing card is an excuse. You don’t know that. Granted it could have been true a few months back but things on the ground are now different. So practice instead for a suitable response, which may include looking to digital options. Or, ‘Google’ an appropriate response, if you must.  Just be done with the objection. 

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