Symphony: Customer Service Training in Kenya

If you desire your staff (including in the call centre) to deliver 21st Century service excellence, we can help. We can do so with our customer service training in Kenya program, Symphony™ : Delivering Service Excellence. It comes with a certificate on completion. Contact us for a free consultation or read on.

Customer Service Training

Our customer service training program, Symphony™, goes beyond the basics. It delves into the intricacies of effective communication, problem-solving, empathy, and building customer relationships. Participants will learn how to handle challenging situations with professionalism, turn dissatisfied customers into brand advocates, and consistently deliver outstanding service.

Now then. “Start with the customer and work backwards.” This quote is the mantra that leaders in globally successful customer centered businesses adopt. Unsurprisingly, it’s our methodology too. This module based affordable customer service training in Kenya. puts your customer at the centre, and then works backwards.

Indeed, enhancing your customer’s experience with your institution is our focus.

Methodology and delivery of Symphony™: customer service training in Kenya

To begin with, the effectiveness of Symphony™: Delivering Service Excellence in the 21stC is designed to be measurable. As such, we start with a simple situation analysis and needs assessment. And then align our training to the needs discovery and your institution’s expectations. We then do a post course evaluation to demonstrate training effectiveness and enhanced customer service skills of your staff. The foregoing is dependent on the tier of training chosen. The tiers are shared under Training Objectives below.

Further, this engaging and interactive course starts with an Aha! moment discovery of what customer service actually is. Thereafter, we talk your customer walk (meaning, we feel your customer’s experience with your institution). The purpose here is to remove friction from his journey via practical interventions, which can be easily and immediately implemented by your employees.

Customer care training or course in Kenya – Social media

In addition to input from learners themselves, the foregoing is also achieved via insights, examples and tried and tested tools we will share with your employees. Further, we will expose learners to what behaviour and qualities impede or excite their delivery of good, friction free, customer experience (CX). And what to do about it.

Now then. We cannot ignore the power of technology and Internet (especially social media) in the 21stC. Specifically, their inevitable impact on your institution’s delivery of service excellence. This customer service training comprehensively addresses these challenges, offering relevant and customized solutions for your employees.

“The customer care training, Symphony™, was so practical and relevant to our situation, it felt as if the trainer works with us. Absolutely amazing. This is the best customer service training I know.”

Past Participant

Customer care and call centre training objectives and tiers

Now then. Symphony™: Delivering Service Excellence course comes in three tiers: Basic (Foundational), Silver and Gold (Transformational). Basic is confined to customer facing staff. Silver involves the former and their managers or supervisors. The Gold level includes the former two, and the leadership. Gold is informed by the leadership and successively builds to it from the Basic and Silver. It can also include organizational culture change if so desired but not mandatory.

Our highly engaging short course in customer care curriculum comes with a range of interactive activities and insight inspiring tasks. These will stir your staff to behaviour which positively drives your customer’s experience with you and builds their confidence in dealing with different customers. It also includes conflict resolution and service etiquette. Your employees will learn how to design better customer processes; and practice solving customer problems and handling modern day complaints.

Customer Service Training in Kenya

Program Overview and Modules

Empowering Your Team to Deliver Exceptional Service with Symphony.

At Lend Me Your Ears, we understand the vital role that customer service plays in the success of any business. Exceptional customer service not only keeps existing customers happy but also attracts new ones. To help your organization meet and exceed customer expectations, we offer a comprehensive Customer Service Training Program. This program is designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to provide outstanding customer service consistently

  1. Understanding Customer Service Fundamentals: Learn the core principles of customer service, including communication, empathy, and problem-solving.
  2. Effective Communication: Develop strong communication skills to connect with customers, whether in person, over the phone, or online.
  3. Conflict Resolution: Learn how to de-escalate conflicts and turn challenging situations into positive customer experiences.
  4. Building Customer Relationships: Discover strategies for building lasting, positive relationships with customers to encourage repeat business and loyalty.
  5. Customer Service in the Digital Age: Adapt to modern technology and online platforms, mastering customer service in a digital world.

Course Competencies and learning outcomes:

Customer Orientation ; Flexibility, Convenience, Confidence, Relationship Building

What’s different? We want your staff to make a customer not sale. This is because of the evolving needs of today’s customer. The 21stC informed and interconnected customer is truly King. His customer experience with all your instanton’s touch points makes or breaks your service delivery brand promise. This course will equip your staff with 21st Century customer service skills in delivering service excellence.

And, yes a certificate will be presented, though we’re a training firm and not among colleges offering customer service training.

Target: Customer service managers, sales staff as part of sales training, call centre agents, any team member involved in customer interactions. managers and business owners; all depending on your need and tier desired. If you seek a leadership pipeline customer experience (CX) led training, see if this program MAGNETIC can help.

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