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3 ways to making effective sales presentations

Sales presentations are the road along which you move to sales closes. Effective sales presentations smoothen that road, accelerating your movement along it and therefore letting you close more, faster. So if you are wondering how you can improve your sales presentations, buckle up. There are many effective sales presentation methods and ideas. However, doing

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Lessons in prospecting from political campaigning

There are many lessons in prospecting from political campaigning, but I will confine myself to three. First though, prospecting is the never ending quest for qualified people to buy what you are selling. In the case of the politician, it’s seeking your vote. And for the politician, a classic case of prospecting in personal selling,

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Why sales reporting is important to you

Why sales’ reporting is important is because it benefits both the organization and the sales person. Unfortunately though, most sales reports are Oscar Award winning works of fiction. Further, it doesn’t help that most are not read. A tweep captured this when he tweeted thus: “…in my fledgling days in sales we had a sales

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How to become a successful salesperson

Successful salespeople don’t follow the rules. This is what makes them succeed. Paradoxically, following rules is what makes average sales people, well, remain average. Here are three attributes of becoming a successful salesperson, by breaking the rules. Focus on result not process Your sales rule book or standard operating procedure (SOP) likely outlines number of

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A Christmas tradition for peculiar Kenyan

What is a Christmas tradition in Kenya? If you are wondering, walk with me as I explain. Is the SGR fully booked? Let’s begin. It’s the time of the year again. That time when Kenyans emerge from their cocoons and stamp their Kenyan ‘bona-fideness’ in your face. For instance, despite it being splashed across all

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To succeed, measure both sales quantity and quality

Sales quantity and quality both matter if you are to have a fair sales contest, and a sustainable business. Sometimes, the two Qs are referred to as the two Vs, volume and value. Whether you use Qs or Vs, ignoring quantity or value, is a recipe for disaster. Is quantity more important than quality? Evaluating

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