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How to sell doubt and differentiate yourself

Differentiating yourself on price is a race for the bottom. Who hits bottom first, wins. And be dammed the cost. All else lose. Differentiating yourself by ethically selling doubt is more productive. But how to sell doubt, you wonder? Well, read on. First off, doubt triggers pause. Doubt triggers introspection. Doubt triggers attention. And all

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Private school parents buy teaching, not costs

Private school parents buy teaching. Instead of defending insignificant reduction in fees, schools should first “demo” the service to justify its value. What a deadlock! On one hand, as one newspaper put it, “Parents are in revolt over the unrealistic costs associated with virtual education for children out of school.” On the other hand, according

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How to handle the price objection without compromising the sale

“Price is objective; value is subjective. Success in selling lays in marrying the two” “How much?” Crunch time in selling and sheer agony for many sellers. Is there a perfect way to deal with this objection? Unless you’re the sole vendor of the must have product (electricity, KPLC, for instance), no there isn’t. Price can

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Product knowledge alone is not enough to clinch you that sale

Product knowledge is not enough. It needs to be sold. “Excuse me Sir; do you know the bank is giving away credit cards for free?” I’m sure that statement has stopped you short. Who offers credit for free?!…and that’s the point exactly. It caught your attention In a workshop I recently conducted, the true essence

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