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Cultivate hunger to boost sales

Of hunger the Good Book says, “A labourer’s appetite works for him, his hunger drives him on.” Most sellers stop at appetite. But it’s hunger that boosts sales “What do you think of this?” I was asked.. This, was the buzz of activity outside the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) offices in Upper hill.

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To alleviate Nairobi congestion, sell to the end-user

To begin with, Nairobi is congested and all we have gotten for solutions are quick-fixes, just as quickly withdrawn. While the experts ponder viable options, plus being a concerned citizen, here’s my two cents on solving the dilemma. By-pass the middleman and focus on the end-user Next, for decades, banks had stubbornly positioned themselves as

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What roadside sellers can teach you about selling

Anyone interacting with a customer should borrow a leaf from what we commonly refer to as roadside sellers. Again and again I tend to see informal sellers (street vendors or road side sellers) thriving more in selling than formal ones. What is it that I see us learning from them? Stall owners Wealthy or poor,

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Why enterprises should tap the high potential in hawking

Seeing as life gives us lemons in the name of incessant traffic, instead of complaining, why not break out the tequila and salt by constructively tapping into hawking? Hawking must be the most effective sales distribution system we have in Kenya, if not Africa. Yet, its full potential is yet to be tapped. If anything,

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