FMCG Sales Training

FMCG sales training

If you are seeking FMCG sales training or best FMCG courses, we can help. You may contact us for a free consultation or read on. So too if you are seeking an FMCG sales and marketing training. After all, you know FMCG sales is a good career.

Further, what to do when your team’s only tools of selling are persuasion and title-less leadership? This is the challenge some in sales roles face. That is, Leading without Authority. Take the FMCG Sales representative or an organization that sells through distributors, merchandisers and Key Accounts. And truthfully, neither an FMCG sales ppt nor FMCG presentation can help..

Now then. From selling to the internal customer and the external one and successful juggling all the moving parts in between, our FMCG training modules will address all these. The program is intended as a tool for FMCG training and development.

Course Contents
On completion of this two day (foundational) course, having undergone these FMCG training topics, learners will be able to:

  • What is FMCG
  • What is sales in FMCG and what is the roles of Sales Officer in FMCG
  • The Sales Process
  • Identify who is on their team; who their ‘followers’ are
  • A real world practical infield session
  • Understand Below the Line (BTL), Above the Line (ATL) and Through the Line (TTL) Marketing
  • Route to Market (RTM) Strategy and the best sales strategies for an FMCG product
  • Realize where the proverbial buck stops
  • Brand management – FMCG
  • Customer Service and Customer Experience (Who is the customer and why that matters)
  • FMCG merchandizing training
  • Leading without Authority. Earn permission to lead
  • Create richer, deeper, more meaningful collaborative partnerships
  • Create and co-develop tribes
  • Persuade, influence without Authority
  • Appreciate the fundamentals of project management
  • Internalize the power of co-elevation to breaking silos and transform teams

(We can also customize a training for you to include infield sessions for instance)

If this holds your fancy, we can help

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If you are interested in developing or strengthening your FMCG Sales Training, or feel this best FMCG course can be of assistance to you, then we can help.

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The meeting will be a discussion on your business, the FMCG Sales Training (or equivalent for your case) skills gaps you are currently facing and would like filled, what you are looking for in an ideal training, and any other information that can help us develop an effective FMCG Sales Training program (or your customized equivalent) for you. 

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