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Use the power of reframing as a catalyst for your sales success

Just by changing the frame of a picture, you make it look different. Try it. Easier still, watch the same video on your phone, in landscape then portrait- it’s a completely different experience. And that’s what reframing is. In sales it means getting the customer to see the same thing in a different frame of

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Close faster. Simplify the sale with examples and other literary devices

Close Faster, Simplify the Sale. The buyer isn’t asking to get the nuts and bolts of the situation. All he needs is assurance and confidence. Assurance that the problem can be resolved and confidence that you can do it. Many times all the buyer wants to make a decision to buy is an appreciation of

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Why the right words are crucial in selling services

Selling is emotional and only the seller can take the buyer on that emotional journey. Selling products versus selling services. What’s the difference? Of course it’s not black and white especially when human interaction manifests. Still, selling the two calls for similar principles, but different techniques. Products are wares which are tangible. Like the loaf

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Why we should deploy words wisely when selling and especially avoid but

Words are the most powerful tool we use when selling. It is imperative that we deploy them wisely. For instance, the word but is best avoided. It irritates; ‘but’ erects walls, instead of building bridges… Communication is the most powerful tool a salesman has. A successful sale is more a factor of how he uses

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Avoid using the word ‘convenient’ while selling

Avoid using the word ‘convenient’ when selling. Let it come from the buyer. Strive instead to get the buyer to vividly visualize how your product solves his problem. The word ‘convenient’ when selling is anything but. Using the word ‘convenient’ when selling could be losing you sales. First, the definition, which the dictionary gives as,

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Stretch the buyer’s pain to help them see the need to buy

The natural reaction to pain is to avoid it and the average seller does this in an attempt to be nice. Progressive sellers on the other hand have no qualms stretching the buyer’s pain In the counter terrorism hit series 24, protagonist Jack Bauer uses pain to acquire information. When a villain has a wound,

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