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If you want your sales team to sell more we can help. So too, if you just wish to sharpen the saw by exploiting the benefits of Sales Training, consultancy and coaching to employers. We know because we walk the talk. Engage us. You will find, being among the leading training firms in Kenya, Lend Me Your Ears’, different types of sales training programs, with ongoing support, can help you achieve your goal.

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Value Added Short Courses

If you are looking to grow the knowledge and professional skills of your staff across varied roles, our value added short courses can help. Offered in-person or online, short courses are knowledge and professional skills targeted training sessions lasting 1 or a few days. Ours span leadership, management, business communication, sales and customer service and self-improvement.

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Recruitment and HRConsultancy Services

If you are seeking to replace an employee, fill a new vacancy, need help with your corporate staffing, or to target your recruitment efforts, we can help with our manpower services. Lend Me Your Ears is a Sales Training and Consultancy firm. We are also among the top corporate training companies and trusted HR Consultancy and recruitment agencies in Kenya.

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Online Learning

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No matter your initiatives or training needs, you can now have access to all of Lend Me Your Ears’ Online Course Content.

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