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Sales conflict: why you shouldn’t fight over stolen sale

Sales is competitive. As with any competition, there are winners and losers.  The just concluded election, for instance, had a whopping 16,000 contestants, yet the vacancies were less than 10% of that. Selling is no different. And with competition, inevitably, conflict arises. One such is, “He stole my client” (sic). Given the labour that goes

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How companies sabotage their sales efforts

Many companies sabotage their sales efforts through their internal sales training programs. Most internal professional sales training programs are product-oriented, with a technocrat (say, an engineer or underwriter) called in to drive home the product knowledge. Yet, success in selling is buyer-oriented. And so, armed with product knowledge, the seller goes out to evangelize to

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Three tips on grooming for the novice seller

Ugali for breakfast will keep you pulsating late into the afternoon and looking fresh with every client visit. Here are three tips on grooming for the novice seller. To begin with though, being a beginner seller is no excuse not to look presentable. Looks matter in selling. How the seller looks could determine how the

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How do you stay hungry in sales?

A salesperson’s performance is limited to the extent of his craving What do these three sellers have in common? The hawker who runs after you in traffic to complete the sale (or, start one because you showed interest in his wares). The seller at the stall who enthusiastically beckons you to his store with, “Karibu

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Kick-start Your Sales Now That The Electioneering Is Over

“No one cares that the ‘peso was devalued’, or ‘the customer went bankrupt’, or, ‘a new competitor opened next door, or ‘the economy was lousy. You either made the sale or you didn’t. Even earthquakes don’t count.’” Dear Seller, Get cracking! The electioneering period is over. Triggered by the protracted political climate, the tension that

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