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Cultivate hunger to boost sales

Of hunger the Good Book says, “A labourer’s appetite works for him, his hunger drives him on.” Most sellers stop at appetite. But it’s hunger that boosts sales “What do you think of this?” I was asked.. This, was the buzz of activity outside the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) offices in Upper hill.

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Qualities of effective sales management

Effective sales management requires the manager to have his nose in other people’s business. The effective sales manager has his nose in his sales team’s personal business. “Do not bring your personal problems to work” is an oft-quoted admonition that rings sour to successful sales management. And personal problems could range from the mild, “My

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How do you stay hungry in sales?

A salesperson’s performance is limited to the extent of his craving What do these three sellers have in common? The hawker who runs after you in traffic to complete the sale (or, start one because you showed interest in his wares). The seller at the stall who enthusiastically beckons you to his store with, “Karibu

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Promoted from salesperson to sales manager?

Now that you have been promoted from being ‘one of the boys’ to being in charge of the ‘boys’, what to do? Many sales leaders struggle with this transition. And understandably so. Suddenly you are pitted against yourself.You probably were the most vocal in your team, influencing the team to, say, leave work early when

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What qualities make a good sales manager

The qualities of a good sales manager are different. The person who finds themselves in the position of sales manager more often than not gets shocked by the transition. The qualities of a good sales manager are unusual. A sales manager’s job is not everyone’s cup of tea. Selling isn’t a desk job and management

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