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Cultivate hunger to boost sales

Of hunger the Good Book says, “A labourer’s appetite works for him, his hunger drives him on.” Most sellers stop at appetite. But it’s hunger that boosts sales “What do you think of this?” I was asked.. This, was the buzz of activity outside the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) offices in Upper hill.

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Four reasons why you sell for yourself

There is something magical about a buyer seller connection that accelerates the sale. Dear Seller, You are not making that sale for your employer; you are making it for yourself. The employer is secondary. Rid yourself of the mentality that the sale is the employer’s problem.  It limits your performance; it  gets you going in

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Persistence is key to successful selling

Attacking is deftly persisting through every challenge coming your sales way without losing your enthusiasm. And persistence is an admirable quality-even to those who do not manifest it. While attending a funeral out of town last Friday, I was reminded of the importance of persistence to successful selling. Several hawkers were present, each selling  the

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Speak at The End Of Year Party, and Get Promoted

I see in my presentation classes, that the trouble with most “I have nothing to say” or “I fear speaking in public” speakers, is this. They suffocate themselves by confusing knowing how to say (structure), with what to say (content). Opportunities to speak (voluntary or not) abound this December. Social (say, family gathering) and professional (say, end of year

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