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Build bridges by asking, “Why should they buy?”

“I want a salary increment because my personal expenses have increased.” Good luck with that. I mean, why should they buy? “Why should they buy?” This is the question every seller should ask themselves. “Why should they agree to (buy) my proposal for sponsorship?” “Why should my students buy (learn from me), their teacher?” That’s

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Why you should align to buyers’ selfishness

The progressive seller doesn’t leave anything to chance; he spells it out for the buyer, emphasizing ‘your’ not ‘our’ Buyers are selfish. They can afford to be. Sellers cannot. (Next week’s article will build more on this topic). Buyers want what they want. Successful sellers want what the buyer wants. Mediocre sellers compete with buyers

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To win lay buyers, start by pitching value of product

To the lay person, the trick is to reverse the pitch starting with value then benefit, and unless the feature is easily understood, ignoring it completely. The eyes you are reading this through have an ancillary body and muscle, anterior chamber filled with aqueous humour, cornea, vitreous body, macula, iris and retina. Unless you are

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Benefits sell features tell. Here’s why

Benefits sell features tell. Why do you dress?” I usually ask participants during my workshops. Almost always, there’s an awkward silence, with participants wondering the absurdity of the question; and then the answer follows to rub home the queerness of my question. “To cover ourselves, of course!” “Really?” I press. “So why not wear skin

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