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How to ensure a smooth customer transition

The sales job has an element of customer service in it. Sadly, many sales people frown upon it claiming, “It’s not my job. Once I deliver the account, I’m out.” Equally, many customer service representatives strait jacket themselves in their job description and put blinders on even the most glaring of sales opportunities. “We’re not

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Be intentional with the next steps stage in B2B selling

Always have a next steps step in B2B selling. The best B2B sales process or selling strategy is one that is deliberate with an activity to keep the sale going. Besides ensuring continuity of the sale, it shows the seller’s stamina for the long haul post sale. B2B sales process description First off, a working

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Everyone is a salesperson. Even you.

Everyone is a salesperson. You likely have heard this before. But today I want to limit this to some roles that don’t see themselves as salespeople but are. You are selling. You may not admit it but you are. “But I’m a Programs Officer (or, do fundraising) with an NGO”. You are selling. “I’m a

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Winning the business to business sale; 3 tips

Winning the business to business sale starts with knowing that buyers buy the value to your product to their business. Prospects (potential buyers) don’t care about the features of your product; the more, when they (prospects) are a business. Winning the business to business sale means showing the value of your product’s features to their

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Navigating the decision making maze of a business

This dilemma replicates itself in business-to-business (B2B) selling. The assumption, for instance, that a nod from the Managing Director will automatically open all doors to the purchase of your solar panels, is a fallacy. ‘Do you want to speak to the man of the house, or the woman in charge?’ So I once read on

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Boost sales by aligning yourself to buyer’s selfishness

An executive hearing this is likely to give you his full attention. You are giving him a solution to what keeps him awake at night. Buyers are selfish we said in the last post. And to boost sales, progressive sellers align themselves to this selfishness. Because the selfishness can feel convoluted, effective alignment is attained

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