Winning the business to business sale; 3 tips

Winning the business to business sale starts with knowing that buyers buy the value to your product to their business.

Prospects (potential buyers) don’t care about the features of your product; the more, when they (prospects) are a business. Winning the business to business sale means showing the value of your product’s features to their business . Why? Prospects just don’t care about your features in themselves. Yes, yes, I know, your features are rainbow coloured and spewing razzmatazz, and prospects will be floored just hearing them. That’s what you think! The truth is, however, no; no, they won’t.  Why? Because buyers only care what value derives (to their business) from buying your product.  Notice I didn’t say, benefit I said value.

But, “Our towing services are risk insured, unlike the competition.” So? That’s a feature of your towing services but means nothing to the business you want to sign up for your membership services. “The benefit of this feature is that in the event of an accident during towing we will compensate you.” If you were pitching to an individual you can stop at this benefit. But a business, no. Why? The business needs this broken down into business language. Something like, “You will save on unexpected costs of towing.”

3 (business) things to look out for

If you are a business selling to another business, you are most likely to move the interest needle only when you show how that business’ costs will be reduced, how savings can be made or how efficiency can be improved. 

Why? Any of these three business related core issues will capture the attention of any decision maker.  Starting your pitch to the executive with, “I can reduce your fuel costs by 9%.” will guarantee his attention.  Proceeding with, “You are currently struggling with increasing maintenance costs,” will reel him in. 

Another example of value to business

“Every six months you are forced to shut down the plant to clean the pipes because of the sediments left behind by the diesel that flows through them. The shutdown costs you in three ways. Building up to it, the sediments slow down the machinery and therefore optimal production; they also increase your wear and tear costs; you also lose sales when you shut down because no production is happening then. Eliminating the sediments and therefore maintenance costs, will cut down your production costs by at least 9 per cent.  That’s about 3 million shillings monthly. Is this correct?” 

winning the business to business sale

The only thing the executive hears is the value of your product to his business- reduced cost and improved efficiency, in this case. Keep in mind that he has not even heard of it yet! Now, however, he is primed to. At this point the features of your product can follow. “Our diesel has additives that clean the piping as the diesel flows through them.”

Winning the business to business sale starts with knowing that buyers buy the value of your product to their business.

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