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Get your salespeople off the path of least resistance

Salespeople default to the path of least resistance. The easy path. It’s in their nature. Internalizing this sales psychology is critical to business owners and sales managers. Especially given that, in the quest to solve this challenge, the tendency is to throw money at it. “We will just increase the commissions,” you’ll hear it said.

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How your internal processes can help you sell

Your internal processes, are likely a reflection of those, your buyers’. Exploit this knowledge to your advantage… Internal processes in your company are likely a reflection of those of your buyers. This is useful information for the business-to-business seller. That’s one that sells to a business; for instance, an advertising representative from A. Media Group

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Why most sales people survive and few, thrive

If practice makes perfect, choose carefully what you practice. Iterate. To perform, or utter repeatedly. This term was used by a Head of Sales learner in my class after we’d just completed a sales course recently. It was in reference to repeating the lessons learnt to habit status. Her “iterate” hit the nail much more

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Stay ahead in a rapidly changing world with Lend Me Your Ears. It’s Free! Most sales newsletters offer tips on “What” to do. But, rarely do they provide insight on exactly “How” to do it. Without the “How” newsletters are a waste of time.