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Dial into your sellers’ emotions

Dial into your sellers’ emotion. Be in tune “Employees are not hugely motivated by their employer’s reasons for change.” As askaris continue to check our body temperatures, so too employers should, their sales people’s emotional temperatures. This article is for those employers that have chosen to retain their sales force in this crisis. We may

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Navigating the decision making maze of a business

This dilemma replicates itself in business-to-business (B2B) selling. The assumption, for instance, that a nod from the Managing Director will automatically open all doors to the purchase of your solar panels, is a fallacy. ‘Do you want to speak to the man of the house, or the woman in charge?’ So I once read on

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Are processes losing your company sales?

If you are losing sales, perhaps it is not that your company is unattractive. It’s just that your processes pong. “We don’t take cards. We only take cash.” You curse under your breath and drive to the next petrol station almost bordering the one you’ve just left. And guess what? Emblazoned everywhere is evidence that

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Winning in sales is not based solely on ‘goals scored’

When such a winner is being selected, both his performanceandits impact on the business are considered. Whereas the importance of sales contests cannot be gainsaid, It’s not always the seller with the most sales at the end of the sales contest period who wins -much unlike football, where only scores hold sway. This revelation sometimes,

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Inspire sellers with simple processes

Sellers want instant jabs for their regular professional malaise. So, inspire sellers with simple processes Salespeople hate complicated things. The field is complicated enough. They focus on only what they need to know to sell. When explaining remuneration for instance, don’t try to be clever about it. Simple specifics are what they wants to hear-

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Could UFAA be sabotaging itself with its annoying claims process?

Possibly born of its mother hen culture, Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority UFAA claims process, could inadvertently be impeding the reunification of assets with their owner. Kenyans reluctant to go for Shs 8.73 billion unclaimed assets, says Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA). So reported the Business Daily. The Chief Executive of UFAA, Kellen Kariuki, to show

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