Use the power of reframing as a catalyst for your sales success

Just by changing the frame of a picture, you make it look different. Try it. Easier still, watch the same video on your phone, in landscape then portrait- it’s a completely different experience. And that’s what reframing is. In sales it means getting the customer to see the same thing in a different frame of mind. Here are three instances why reframing catalyses sales success; where a simple shift in perspective can lead to higher conversion rates and increased customer satisfaction.

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Virgin engagement

To begin with, prospects are busy people and you are an intrusion in their life. Going with that as your default setting will earn you more miles than assuming they’ll receive you with smiles. Which is why the hawker broadcasting, “Viatu mia mbili! Viatu mia mbili!”, will occasionally interject his broadcast to capture the attention of the lady passing by with a soothing, “Karibu siste! Kujaribu ni bure.” And the charmed lady draws closer (and we all know how that ends). It’s classical reframing.  

So, just as with the hawker, to reframe the customer’s thinking to being present with you, it matters how you open the sale. It needs to be attention getting and, especially in the case of B2B selling, led with customer insight. This way, being selfish, as customers are, you get the customer to focus on what you are saying (and selling) because it is of interest to him. If you do not reframe his thinking, the more if you are the one that’s asked for the meeting, it’s unlikely you take off together. And as they say, things don’t go wrong, they start wrong.

Incidentally, have you noticed that most electronic gadgets are described as user-friendly? Have you also noticed that the demo video showing how to use them, very early on states that, “It’s easy to use….”? Well, there’s a reason why. It’s because they know that if you are tech illiterate like me, your frame of mind is already defaulted to, ‘This is difficult to operate.’ Hearing ‘it is easy to use’, reframes my thinking to being receptive to change.

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Handling objections: Mastering the art of reframing to catalyse sales success

Now then. Used to handle objections, reframing catalyses sales success very effectively. But first, an objection is a statement made by a prospective buyer that casts aspersions about your product or service. For instance, “I don’t need a financial advisor. I’m quite adept at making my own investment decisions.” As an insurance agent or financial advisor, in your response, reframing his thinking could look like this: “I’m sure you are. I’m sure you also know that most wives outlive their husbands. If something should happen to you, would she be able to handle everything by herself?” Certainty is suddenly replaced by doubt; his hesitation melts away. And his willingness to continue listening to you is magnified.

Reframing is a powerful tool in handling objections. It’s a simple shift in perspective that can make all the difference. Note, I said simple, not easy. This means that such responses must have been thought through and rehearsed in advance.

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Here’s another example I once experienced at a curio shop. “Yes, I like the carving but I’m not interested in it.” Unfazed, the seller responded: “But you can buy for your friend as a gift.” I did. I had not looked at it like that.

Reframing catalyses sales success

Therefore, in sales, reframing isn’t just about spinning narratives; it’s about understanding the underlying motivations and needs of your customers. By reframing objections as opportunities for further discussion, or as indicators of specific desires, you can build trust, foster empathy, and ultimately close sales more effectively.

Turn sceptics to loyal customers

“This detergent is a scam,” so the Facebook post screamed. “(Name of company) dilute their detergent. I bought it at (name of supermarket) and see what it’s done to my clothes.” (Video attached). This actually happened, one Sunday afternoon. Quite impressively the seller (manufacturer) in question responded within the hour apologizing profusely and promising to collect and replace the offending product. “Please text us your number on (number shared). We will call and arrange this.” They did. In style. Not only did they come by the following day, Monday, to collect, they arrived with a gift hamper with the detergent being only one among many other of their products. And you can guess what the customer’s next post read. Yes, it was a caption of her selfie with the hamper extolling the manufacturer. ‘Sinner’ had turned saint. Sceptic had become loyal customer. Truly reframing catalyses sales success.

And it doesn’t stop there. Reframing also generates social proof, that is testimonials. In this instance, the ‘selfie post’ with hamper. You see, without knowing it, the once sceptical customer has now become an advocate, reshaping the perceptions of the hundreds who will see that post. The seller silently leverages this newfound endorsement, multiplying the impact of reframing beyond the initial sale. A minor financial investment with untold marketing returns.

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Conclusion: Reframing catalyses sales success

In conclusion, reframing is more than just a buzzword. It is a powerful tool that top sales professionals actively wield to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Reframing will build your confidence as it arms your sales arsenal to open sales, handle objections and resolve complaints. Reframing is not just a technique; it’s a mindset—a way of viewing challenges as opportunities and transforming setbacks into successes. By embracing the power of perspective, you can elevate your craft, forge deeper connections with clients, and achieve greater results. So.  Are you ready to reframe your approach and unlock the full potential of your sales journey?

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