Close faster. Simplify the sale with examples and other literary devices

Close Faster, Simplify the Sale. The buyer isn’t asking to get the nuts and bolts of the situation. All he needs is assurance and confidence. Assurance that the problem can be resolved and confidence that you can do it.

Many times all the buyer wants to make a decision to buy is an appreciation of the situation, not a technical explanation of it. 

For instance, consider the driver who takes his vehicle to the mechanic because only the front windows aren’t opening. To the question, “What was wrong?” the mechanic can share the technical explanations of faulty wiring, burnt fuse or broken switch (and inviting more questions in the process). Alternatively, as he receives payment for the job done, he could just say, “It wasn’t much. Just like a bulb ikichomeka (blowing) in your house.” Or, to show that the grating sound coming from the engine is not a serious problem, he could put the buyer driver at ease, by equating it to the common cold. “Ni homa tu.”

Close Faster Simplify the Sale. Objective is assurance

And therein lays the objective. The buyer isn’t asking to get the nuts and bolts of the situation. All he needs is assurance and confidence. Assurance that the problem can be resolved and confidence that you can do it. In fact, unless it’s one techie speaking to another, sellers rarely need to explain the coding behind the software, which means complicating the sale with jargon. No. Just how it works. You learnt how to drive (or type) but you don’t really care much about how the vehicle functions (or, Microsoft Word allows you to type)

Close Faster Simplify the Sale.

Decision makers aren’t technical

Besides being lay, another reason why buyers want simple explanations is because they are decision makers. They don’t have the time to listen to the wiring of your product or service. Just whether (more than how) it solves their problem. At such times, dwelling on the wiring may cost you the sale or delay its completion. They likely have technical people who have already Ok’d the wiring.

And so to them, close Faster simplify the sale, with a confident “Companies X and Y (whom they respect) have doubled their profits with this service” is adequate. You will know you are dwelling on the wiring when the executive takes a keener interest on his cell phone. Or, remembers an email he was to respond to. And you move that further away from closing the sale. Decision makers also include the SME owner. When he contracts the auditor or website developer he just wants to know that they know what needs to be done and are competent enough to do it.


But where does the seller draw resources to help him simplify the complex equation? Without being academic about it literary devices come in handy. First, there are examples (it’s like the bulb ikichomeka). Next, you can also use personification (the car just has a cold) or alliteration (million member march, by the CEO on a membership drive).

Further, you can also use similes (the mechanism that powers our lifts is as silent as the turbines that power your factory) or allusion (delaying approving this decision will make the losses you incurred with the failed Project Hercules look like child’s play). In addition there is imagery (you’ll be wowed by how loud the silence at our exclusive resort is) and metaphors, storytelling, anecdotes, and dozens others you can use.

These simple explanations dispense of unnecessary debilitating details and accelerate the sale to a close.

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