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Adapt your selling to Coronavirus uncertainty

“Even in Coronavirus uncertainty, If business unfolded In real life as it does on Microsoft Excel, then everyone would be in business.” Planning is a science. Implementation is an art. This was true ‘BC’ (Before Corona) and is truer in these times of uncertainty we are in. Unfortunately, most sellers interpret uncertainty to mean, “Why

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Deploy your passion to prospecting online

Deploy your passion to prospecting successfully online. Will it be easy? It’s your lifeline. Just start. Deploy your passion to prospect successfully online. To begin with, prospecting is the lifeline of successful selling so I’ve said, repeated, reiterated and will continue to evangelize. Prospecting is identifying the right person to sell to. Therefore, successful sellers

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Adapt your Zoom presentation to virtual audience

Listening and reading are wildly different forms of consuming content. So are physical and virtual audiences. Therefore, presentation to virtual audience must be adapted accordingly You’ve just sat down to watch the 7’oclock news on NTV. The newscaster comes on. He is holding that day’s Daily Nation. Your face spells, “Huh?” Then you smile. It

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Prospect and approach buyers differently online

Prospect differently online. It cannot happen with the seller incessantly calling up up the buyer, sending unending emails or insisting that the buyer should accept the pandemic is here and move on. Prospecting and approaching the online buyer is different from how it is offline. The offline, traditional, approach offers numerous opportunities for prospecting. Prospecting

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Manage transparency in the digital space

Acute awareness of how to, at once, exploit the benefits and mitigate the risks of transparency in digital space, becomes paramount. To begin with, if you are of a certain age, the Russian word glasnost and name, Mikhail Gorbachev, should trigger memories. Memories of the opening and breaking up of the former Union of Soviet

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