Deploy your passion to prospecting online

Deploy your passion to prospecting successfully online. Will it be easy? It’s your lifeline. Just start.

Deploy your passion to prospect successfully online.

To begin with, prospecting is the lifeline of successful selling so I’ve said, repeated, reiterated and will continue to evangelize. Prospecting is identifying the right person to sell to.

Therefore, successful sellers dwell on this foremost activity in selling because they understand that presenting and closing (completing) the sale, smoothly follow thereafter. Get prospecting wrong and I can only wish you luck as you trudge to closing, if at all you get there. But how do you prospect online which is where potential buyers (prospects) are seeking solutions from in this ‘social-distancing’ economy, and, therefore, sellers (solution providers) are being forced to move to? By getting and growing an online presence which attracts prospects to you.

Budget constraints to deploy your passion to prospecting

Admittedly, limited few sellers have the budget to afford an expert, typically an advertising agency to do this for them. The vast majority must make do and this article is for them. With the plethora of social media platforms available, and nil digital marketing training, where do I start you wonder? Some say that you pick one and run with it.

Deploy your passion to prospecting

Luckily, the Internet with all its tentacles allows you to use content on one platform (say, pictures or posts on your website) and easily share it across say, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This way you create an integrated approach to your online presence.

Don’t create, just repurpose content

So, instead of one, I say aim for three because all you have to do is repurpose the content from one for the other two, assuming you cannot share it as is. And, with so much noise on the internet you want to be loud and pervasive. But what if I don’t have any presence online, you wonder? Then deploy your passion. The beauty of passion is that you don’t see it as a chore, it doesn’t cost you and you’ll find the going that bit easier when it gets tough as it surely will being a new endeavour.

Deploy your passion

So what excites you? Is it photography much as you sell insurance? Well, tell stories about insurance on Instagram via self-shot podcasts, pictures or videos, from your phone. Unleash the writer in you to sell pumps. Craft creative tidbits about pumps and tweet them for the world to read. You like to sing and you sell land? Belt out renditions about positioning to buy on the cheap in this shrinking economy.

Absurd you say? Well, you will be amazed at how your unique passion draws prospects to you. In fact, it’s borderline ridiculous just what gets raves online. For instance, there’s a YouTube video with views in the millions and the content is an upload of all the videos the owner has ever received on WhatsApp!

Will it be easy? It’s your lifeline. But that’s not the biggest hurdle. The biggest hurdle is waiting for the perfect time or way to start. There isn’t any. Just start. Grow and develop as you go along. Deploy your talent to accelerate your prospecting online.

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