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Deploy your passion to prospecting online

Deploy your passion to prospecting successfully online. Will it be easy? It’s your lifeline. Just start. Deploy your passion to prospect successfully online. To begin with, prospecting is the lifeline of successful selling so I’ve said, repeated, reiterated and will continue to evangelize. Prospecting is identifying the right person to sell to. Therefore, successful sellers

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Will Telkom’s T-kash survive let alone thrive?

How really is Telkom’s T-Kash different from ubiquitous, evolving M-PESA? And how is it different from struggling Airtel Money? And is M-PESA really the problem? I don’t think so. So Telkom Kenya wants a piece of the ‘mobile money’ pie with T-kash. That pie is so near, yet so far. And, if approached in the

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