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Steps to dealing with errant seller

When your mother did something that was your responsibility, you knew it wasn’t a favour- a thunderstorm was brewing. Exhibit. Execute. Exit. A three-step process to dealing with an errant seller. Errant here does not refer to the idiosyncratic nature of most stellar sellers. For instance, the super star corporate bank relationship manager who just

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Why most sales people survive and few, thrive

If practice makes perfect, choose carefully what you practice. Iterate. To perform, or utter repeatedly. This term was used by a Head of Sales learner in my class after we’d just completed a sales course recently. It was in reference to repeating the lessons learnt to habit status. Her “iterate” hit the nail much more

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Big brand name not automatic selling advantage

Selling a big brand name? Just as with glowing academic papers, that reputable name won’t work for you, if you don’t. Could you be wallowing in the miasma of your company’s renowned brand name? “Watakuja tu” you reckon. (Customers will always come). “We needn’t put in much effort in selling. After all, we are (insert

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Scientific Sellers must Adopt Artistic Skills for Successful Closes

1+1=2 is scientific. When selling, the answer depends on how the question is perceived. As such it could be an is equal to sign, or the number eleven, or two ones, or… Selling is not a science. This is what sellers that are scientists (app developers, crop consultants, engineers, IT experts, even accountants) quickly and

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