Your internal processes, are likely a reflection of those, your buyers’. Exploit this knowledge to your advantage…

Internal processes in your company are likely a reflection of those of your buyers. This is useful information for the business-to-business seller. That’s one that sells to a business; for instance, an advertising representative from A. Media Group selling advertising space to a company that manufactures, say, soap. Or, a bank relationship manager, selling a loan to a company that imports cars. It is a business selling to another business. Use your internal processes as a mirror to figure out how things are going on at the potential buyer’s business that could be impeding the sale. This is much more effective than just worrying or complaining about the stagnated progress.

Stagnated sale

For instance, if the sale is stagnated at human resources (HR) and you need it to move to, say, finance, instead of reporting for the seventh time that, “It’s still in HR” find out the trajectory it would take if it was being made in your institution.

Likely, you’ll find out it’s the same. And just like that you have a soft landing from which to ask why such a sale would stagnate. Your HR department could inform you of this new labour law that’s yet to be effected, and many things (some touching on your sale) are now up in the air. Now you could broach the issue with the prospect’s HR Manager, who, impressed by your understanding of his problem could let you into his decision-making fold.

Debt collection

It could also be that the pressure from the debt collector for rent, or delayed loan payment, is getting more and more intense with every passing month. Contrary to what you might be thinking, most likely the mounting pressure is not so much because of the equally mounting debt, but because the collector is getting pressure from his bosses (just as his counterpart in your organization would) as the debt ages from 30 to 60 to 90 days overdue.

This distinction is important. As a businessperson this helps you remove pressure from the debt to easing the pressure on the collector. Understand his pressure and work with it. When you give a payment for a month it moves you from say 90 to 60 days. That is significant. He may not admit this but the collector will have a spring in his walk as he reports this to his boss. You see, it’s not a green light but it’s certainly not deep in the red either. In fact, many such collectors will out rightly advise you to ease their pressure, thus.

Sometimes, the solutions to our sales problems are right under our noses.

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