Your attitude will lead to one of two results: your success or failure…IT IS that simple

  “You’re not stuck with your attitude. It’s not a tree. It’s a choice you make. Take action against a negative attitude. Snap out of it. Or it WILL kill you.”

Your attitude will either empower you or poison you. This is true in life as it is in sales. Your attitude will enable you move forward into progress or backward into oblivion. There are no half measures with attitude; only polar opposites. You are either having a positive attitude or a negative one. The dictionary defines attitude as a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behaviour.

And there you have it. Your behavior is a sure indicator of your attitude. Just as one cannot see the raging forces beneath the earth that manifest on its surface as a hot spring, so too one cannot see what is going on in your mind but can tell from your exertions, exploits and executions or idleness, inertia and indolence. Whereas a desk job is structured in a way that work comes to it, selling requires that you go look for the work. It means you diligently prospect, be empathetic in your interviewing, genuine in your demonstration, reasonable in your validation, honest in your negotiations, wise in your closing and while doing all this, remain enthusiastic through the entire experience. All these are emotional rides wholly determinant on your “settled way of thinking or feeling”; success or failure in selling hinges on these emotions and how you manifest them in a world fraught with triggers (like rejection and pressure) for having a negative attitude.

Good products and services may attract buyers to you but what will repel them is your negative attitude towards them. It’s an open secret that we buy from people we like, which many times over shadows buying the best product there is. You like your barber/hairdresser and his work which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the best. News is news yet TV stations go to great lengths to choose who delivers it to you. If news alone was the enough, would you continue watching it if the anchor was grumpy or indifferent about it? I know I wouldn’t.

Ebola is highly contagious and kills quickly. Your attitude is equally contagious and will (professionally) kill you just as fast. Negative energy (attitude) is an emotional drain to you and those around you (colleagues and buyers). Misery loves company and you will want to infect others. As so, they take precautions just as with Ebola, and avoid you. Not only do you lose your support structure (colleagues), you also lose the sale. Just as with Ebola death in sales is painful, swift and almost guaranteed, if not arrested in time. You must be feeling pretty low by now with all the negativity shared so far, huh? That’s the debilitating power of a negative attitude.

Mercifully, your “settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something” is not a curse you are stuck with from birth only heal-able by a miracle. No. Just take action against a negative attitude. Snap out of it. Or it will kill you. Easier said than done. We are human and we will always have our highs and lows. What to do then especially for sellers who cannot afford sabotaging themselves with a poisonous attitude? Snap of it by taking stimulating action the moment you feel it or it’s pointed out to you. Diligently make the phone calls, decisively complete the proposal, enthusiastically call up your clients to ask for referrals, or readily join the upbeat colleague and get infected with positive energy. Just take action against a negative attitude. Snap out of it. Or it will kill you.

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