Accept sales rejections. Being shouted at like that has happened to many experienced salespeople. And many reasons abound for this.

“You! When I see you here disturbing my people I will kick you out!” So, thundered the Senior Human Resources Manager at a firm with 4,000 employees. All of them, potential prospects for this bank sales rep.

What to do? Tuck tail firmly between legs and run for the hills? Or, accept this sales rejection as an occupational hazard and find a way around it? I mean; the market is a hotbed for sales. Running away weakens your ability to overcome fear of rejection in sales and denies a potential 4,000 prospects of a service that could be of immense help to them. Finding a work-around is more effective.

Reasons for such rejection

Being shouted at like that has happened to many experienced sales people. And many reasons abound for this. It could be that this shrewd sales rep knew that following formal channels of access to the market would fail, or severely limit access. And so, got in informally.

It could also be that the issue is limited to the one shouting. Meaning, he is aggressively expressing a personal opinion, borne of a painful experience with a salesperson. Or, maybe he is having a bad day at work and likely will be very welcoming the following day. Or, is bipolar and the sales rep found him in a downturn mood swing. Whatever, the reason, the point is, the progressive sales rep does not take lambast at face value. He discerns the cause.

Respond to, don’t just accept, sales rejection

But first, a sincere apology to the aggrieved party. “I’m sorry to have upset you.” And then, because this aggrieved individual is also a prospect, why waste an opportunity to sell. So, “Before I leave, please let me share with you what we have you see if it may be of benefit to you or your staff. You can always call me later if it does. Is this ok?” Believe it or not, I did not make that up. That is what the salesperson who went through this experience did. And, surprise, surprise, he got a sale! The HR Manager bought! Turns out he didn’t even know what the salesperson was selling. And just like that the seller turned a no into a yes.

Accept sales rejection

But what if he stuck to his “Get out” guns. Well, explore. There’s 3,999 people to do so from.  Don’t be surprised if you are told, “Ignore him. He’s all bark and no bite.” Or, “Avoid him. Just steer clear of his office area and you’ll be fine.”

Accept to re-strategize

And finally, what if he’s all bite and the bark to you, was him on a good day? Well, with 3,999 other prospects in play, and while keeping an eye out for him at all times, keep on selling. In the unfortunate event that he does spot you and bites, then exit is an option. Even if to take a step back and re-strategize. But until then, why cross a bridge you haven’t gotten to yet?

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