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Money is not a silver bullet to motivating sales people

Contrary to popular belief, money does not motivate salespeople; not all, not unendingly. In other words, increased monetary rewards (typically from increased targets) are not guaranteed to incentivize all salespeople. Even human resource personnel admit that money in itself is not a motivator. “How?” you wonder. “But money (present or absent) is a central theme

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Adapt sales techniques to different buyers

Ignoring different sales techniques for different buyers leads to disrespect by the sales team and limits the most effective of sales techniques Selling isn’t, er, selling. You must adapt your sales techniques to different buyers. Take the salesman who moves from say, selling fast-moving-consumer-goods (FMCG) to, say, selling electrical engineering products. The former includes selling

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Are you struggling to embrace your new sales leader role? Do this

To succeed, you learn to sell through leading, not lead through selling; the transition is not peaceful, it’s painful. It is also rewarding Transitioning from salesperson to sales leader is not peaceful- it’s painful. Many salespeople struggle with it because of the emotional turbulence it comes with; to succeed they must learn and change. Tragically,

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What qualities make a good sales manager

The qualities of a good sales manager are different. The person who finds themselves in the position of sales manager more often than not gets shocked by the transition. The qualities of a good sales manager are unusual. A sales manager’s job is not everyone’s cup of tea. Selling isn’t a desk job and management

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Making salespeople into CEOs might not help firms

Stellar salespeople struggle as CEOs. Leadership calls for a “generalist”. A salesperson is a specialist, which is a narrow approach to leadership In the past couple of weeks, acres of editorial space globally have been assigned the transition at the helm of Microsoft. Finally, a Satya Nadella took over as captain from Steve Ballmer. According

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What winning salespeople and firms have in common

I was recently invited to a sales achievement awards ceremony and a few things stood out for me. The most prominent one (selling ethically) was the topic of last week’s column. Today we focus on the other five on what winning salespeople and firms share. To begin with, the event was held at a prestigious

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