Interestingly, the customer does not buy because they have learnt something new. No. They buy because the seller who educates them inspires them with confidence because he comes out as an authority on the subject. Educate buyers for easy selling

“Shaving your hair like that will make your scalp itch unbearably. Hair looks the same from outside but differs immensely within. Yours grows in a spiral fashion from the cuticle, thus favouring this other hairstyle which is what I recommend.” And so the man who had walked into my barber”s shop, now wiser, conceded to his advice. Educating the customer is a powerful way to communicate the purchase of a solution.

It’s not the knowledge that sells

Interestingly, the customer does not buy because they have learnt something new. No. They buy because the seller who educates them inspires them with confidence because he comes out as an authority on the subject. Also, the buyer also feels cared for. My barber was no different from the doctor who assures the worried parent that the scaring rashes on their child are a reaction to exposure to farm animals and that there’s no need to worry-the antihistamine should have it cleared by the end of the week. Sometimes that knowledge may lead you to explore more on the subject (further connecting you to the seller) but largely the buyer doesn’t further it. instead he tells all who care to listen that some hair grows straight, others curl. He is now an authority!

Educate buyers for easy selling

Education empowers. Educate buyers for easy selling

If little education is dangerous, lack of it is disastrous. When you don’t know you reason unwisely. And many buyers are lay persons in the subject matter of their purchase. For instance, driven by ignorance you argue, “A shock is shock. Why should I buy one for Kes. 5,000 yet can get two for Kes. 3,800?” The equally unwise seller, looks to warranties, discounts and brand names to justify his price. He most probably loses the sale and energizes your ignorance. The wise one asks you the question, “Did you know that a shock can save your life?” And now has your absolute attention. “Accidents kill close to 4,000 people every year in Kenya and maim ten times that number. The condition of the shocks could mean the difference between your car rolling, or not, on hitting an unseen bump.

Research has gone into designing our shocks because your safety and that of your family and car are important to us. So sure are we of this that should you have a problem with our shocks over the next 30,000km, we will replace it for you at no cost. A shock is not just a shock. A shock could be the difference between coming out from an accident alive or not. Here’s the password to our Wi-Fi. Please proceed to browse in the lounge while we fit the shocks in your car”

Education is not just product knowledge

Educate buyers for easy selling. Educating buyers does not end with knowing ones product. It requires one to know what the competition is offering too. It is not enough to state that your quotation of Kes. 43M is all-inclusive yet the competition has quoted Kes. 29M. Help the buyer by asking critical questions which will expose flaws in the competition. “Do you plan on incurring further costs in shipping?” No. “Did you know that installation and purchase costs alone stand at Kes. 31M?” No. To educate the customer in this manner requires the seller to be sure of how the competition operates.

Educating clients is not lying to them. That’s conman ship. Educating is genuinely seeking to create understanding and there from connection.

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