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Will private schools survive covid-19?

It’s crisis in private schools due to COVID this time. Your business could be next. What would you do if you owned a school? Firstly, it appears private schools are the loudest institutionlikely to take the Nokia route. Nokia (famously renowned for its global mobile ‘phone dominance) collapsed when technology changed. “They missed the importance

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Should ‘starving’ Posta venture into PSV or E-commerce?

Coming a decade too late, PSV is an analog move on a digital chessboard. Posta e-commerce, however, is another story From moving mail to moving mailers.Postal Corporation of Kenya (Posta/PCK) is diversifying into public transportation. The then Postmaster General/CEO Dr. Enock Kinara explains: “We are starting a Postliner Bus Service that will help improve on

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