Act to dispel the worry inherent in selling

 Go all out to remedy any maladies in securing customer

Don’t just sit there. Act! Action is the sure cure for all sales maladies born out of worry. “He still hasn’t given me copies of his ID and payslip, and he refuses to submit them for me to do the copies and return them. That’s why the account is still not opened three weeks in.” Act. Whip out your cell phone and take a photo of the required documents right there in his presence, and ‘WhatsApp’ the image to a colleague in the office to do the copies as you engage in the next act-getting the next buyer. Act. So the prospective buyer hasn’t found time to complete the application form. And the rules say that customers must complete their own application form. Well, you can choose to wait for the buyer to find time and complete the forms (good luck with that!); or, knowing in your worry-ridden infinite waiting he can have a change of heart about buying, you make a field call and act. “Sign here and here. I’ll complete the forms for you and ‘WhatsApp’ you a copy.”

Inertia is the nemesis of any seller, accomplished or green. Inertia breeds lethargy which in turn breeds worry, and worry, fear which galvanizes the inertia. The solution to overcoming apathy in selling is not worry, it’s action. So, you don’t have a prospective buyer to sell to. Meaning you slowed down to a halt on prospecting, and now you are worrying about that and heat of not meeting targets is burning you in place. Act. Not by looking for people to see, and further energizing the inertia with the inevitable rejection this brings. No. Go to where they are instead. Assuming it’s insurance you’re are selling, instead of looking up people to call or email for an appointment, show up at a highly populated area, say Kenyatta National Hospital or such other large employer and drown yourself in the multitude of prospects (potential buyers). Act.

You are a bank sales representative and your targets include tracking your clients’ movement of deposits. This morning you find one has just withdrawn Kes. 70,000,000. You callhim to find out why. Good. He says he’ll call you back.  Same thing happens the next three days. You start creating imaginary scenarios in your head. ‘He’s avoiding me. He can’t be busy every day; and why doesn’t he call be back? He must have transferred the funds to another bank. Now what will I say?’ Oh, puhleez! Act! Show up at his office unannounced. (In fact, that’s what you should have done the day he withdrew the monies.) “Sir. What did we do wrong? I saw you withdrew 70 million shillings.”  “Haha… don’t worry. We’ve been busy servicing an unexpected contract and had purchases to make. Expect it back in ten days’ time. ”And just like that, debilitating worry (born out of ignorance) is replaced by energizing relief (born out of knowledge).


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