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To prospect efficiently, ask for referrals

Ask for sales referrals. Prospects don’t volunteer them unsolicited. A sales referral is perhaps the most powerful weapon in a sales person’s arsenal. A sales referral happens when an existing customer or prospect gives the name (that is, refers) of another potential buyer, to the sales person. This means that asking for referrals is a

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Importance of sales cycle and how to shorten yours

Here’s sad news. Intently studying the sales cycle in training or by yourself won’t bring you any numbers. The sales cycle won’t work if you don’t. However, this does not diminish the importance of the sales cycle. Now, the basic or typical sales cycle follows these steps or stages: prospect, interview, demonstrate, validate, negotiate, close,

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Benefits sell features tell. Here’s why

Benefits sell features tell. Why do you dress?” I usually ask participants during my workshops. Almost always, there’s an awkward silence, with participants wondering the absurdity of the question; and then the answer follows to rub home the queerness of my question. “To cover ourselves, of course!” “Really?” I press. “So why not wear skin

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A database is the lifeblood of the sales person

The importance of a database cannot be gainsaid. A database is the lifeblood of sales and the successful salesperson. The progressive salesperson never abandons his contacts. Even when she changes industries, she moves with them. The average salesperson, has them for the while she needs them. As for the below average one, she doesn’t even

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