Think like a customer. If you don’t do it, likely they don’t either. Quit being in denial about this.  Be honest and transparent about it. Learn from it and stop shooting yourself in the foot.  How do you think like a client? Here’s 3 ways to think like a customer.

If you discard their brochures, they discard yours too

If you quickly discard the brochure (or flyer) you receive, your buyers equally discard the ones you give them. Perhaps, even quicker. And no, it’s not karma. It’s just what it is. Your actions represent that of the typical buyer. Somehow, however, sales people don’t see themselves as customers, and so, don’t think like a customer. Therefore, they will hope against hope that for some reason their brochure will be studied (not just read) and preserved (not just kept, and certainly never discarded). There’s nothing special about your brochure. Think like a customer. In any case, at the point of being given the brochure, you are one (potential, anyway).

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Think like a customer re business cards

A sales person gives you his business card after he has just pitched you the loans his company offers.  As he does so he says, “Call me when you are in need or have any questions. My number is on the card.” He even circles it for good measure.  You drive off from the parking lot he found you at. What do you do with the card? Stash it carefully away in your wallet, or treat it as you would the brochure? The latter, bet. Now, then, why do you, as a sales person, assume that your business card will be treated any different? Because it is embossed in gold? (Eye roll)

Think like a customer

In his head, the prospect is likely thinking, ‘When I need a car loan I’ll just google car loans in Kenya’. To him, the business card is clutter. In fact, you are better off asking for his number to follow-up.  Does this mean that you should not give out your card? Of course not. Dish it away. Just don’t dish away your responsibility to follow up. “I’ve given out my card; he’ll call me when he needs the loan.” Good luck with that.

Think like customer, act like an owner – email

“I’ve sent him an email and a follow-up one too last week. I don’t want to bother him now. He’ll get back to me when he’s ready.” No he won’t. There’s a friend of mine whose official inbox has 11,600 messages and his Gmail, 26,200 emails unread. I am serious, but, I promise you, I can’t relate. On prodding, he told me he knows which mails to look at and which, not. But here’s the point. Buyers (and that’s you) are selfish by nature. They read what’s important to them, when it’s important to them. And with their pressing work in their face, your mail isn’t.  Doesn’t mean don’t send it. Do. Even a second one.  But then follow-up. With a call. Or, a physical visit. And don’t be surprised when you are asked to resend that email. In fact, expect it.

Why is it important to think like a customer? Now you know

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