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Front office staff can boost sales and grow their careers

Selling is giving a service. And service is given by any one. The extra sale is merely a by-product of this; so is accelerating your profile to 3D status. Far too many sales are lost by front line staff. They are lost largely because of a poor attitude and sometimes lack of capacity. Consider these

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When budgets run thin, think like a start-up business and grow your career

Defaulting into start-up mode when required to, is not something you do for the company, but for yourself. Businesses evolve. Sometimes they go through a rough patch and the angry CEO blatantly exposes the thorns and not the roses. “The industry is going through a difficult time. And, as you can see, if this downward

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3 lessons in selling from matatu crew

3 lessons in selling from matatu!? You must think I’ve lost it, huh? What lessons can one possibly learn from the manic matatu crew?! Well, here’s three. 1: There is always a way Somehow, the matatu driver will always find a way forward. He will overlap, use the wrong lane to get on to another

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