Ask. Just ask for the sale.

Ask for the meeting. Ask for the cheque. Even ask for the referral. Ask. Just ask. And be specific when asking. It is tragic that many sales fail simply because the sales person did not ask. He did not ask the right questions, or worse, did not ask for the payment.

Why should I ask for sales?

Why should you ask for sales? Well to begin with if you don’t ask you won’t get. It really is that simple. The buyer may want what you are selling but the buyer is human. Resistance to change comes with being human. And buying your product or service (meaning parting with money) represents change. Change is his bank account details means changing the ATMs, online platforms and service agents he is accustomed to. So unless he is desperately seeking a change, he is likely to default to the devil he knows.

Change on a larger scale is even more difficult to accommodate. Think manufacturing companies that engage in long term contracts with oil companies, or house developers, contractors, or, businesses, corporate banking. These relationships, especially if they are working on the whole are unlikely to be put asunder because of this new PYT (pretty young thing). Change for them represents a deep, dark, potentially dangerous unknown. Now if you don’t ask….

Ask for the sale

What are sales questions?

Now then. What are sales questions? Sales questions are those that invite (to share more of the buyer situation) not inform (more about the seller or his company). As in an interview, they invite the prospect (potential buyer) to open up more and more and more.  For instance, ‘How has been your experience with your current provider?’ ‘What do you like most about them?’

‘How would you like your coffee?’ ‘What are you struggling with as a business right now?’ ‘What do you wish to achieve this year?’ ‘Here. Try this out. See if you like it.’ ‘What would you be looking for in an ideal service provider?’ When did the headache start?’, ‘What pain points would you like addressed with the solution you seek?’ ‘Is this (showing it) the kind of website you’d like?’ ‘Are you allergic to any medicine?’ ‘How will you be paying? By RTGS or cheque? ‘ Let’s have the contract signed, now that all signatories are in.’

Why many sellers do not ask for the sale

As obvious as it looks like on the surface, things on the ground are different.  Many sellers do not ask questions. Some, because they fear rejection. “I don’t want to be told no. So, I hint at payment, instead of asking for it. Others, because of hubris, or the belief that they will be seen as desperate, or, bad, or, that they love money. “He knows he should pay us so I don’t need to ask.” Or, “Let finance follow-up payment. If I do it the buyer won’t give me another sale.” And guess what? If they can continue enjoying your services and postpone payment indefinitely, they will.

Think of a matatu. Is the conductor grey about asking for fare?

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