What can you do to get the attention of the potential customer?

To begin with, picture this. Your phone beep-beeps in the dead of night. You are sound asleep. And this piercing intrusion in the silent night is not holy. So, you click your tongue, cursing, “Now, who is this sending messages at this time?” Even your spouse stirs in suspicious curiosity. Drowsily, you reach out for your phone just beneath your pillow. You persuade your eyes to open and squint momentarily, your eyes adjusting to the intrusive backlight. You check your phone. It’s an MPESA message! Your eyes pop out. You come awake. Enough to confirm it’s not a fake MPESA message, or wrong number.  Yup! It’s legit.

Instantly, all your cursing turns to blessing. A smile cracks your face where before, a frown creased it.  What changed? I mean, it’s still a disruptive message in the dead of night, is it not? What changed is that, being ‘mobile money’, now it is a welcome message in the dead of night.

Ways to attract customer attention

Attract customer attention like MPESA message

And it is the same with customers. What would be the most important element to get customers attention? Simple. Customers pay attention when you tell them what they want to hear. This is also true with how to create content for social media. The more in this accelerated online life courtesy of the pandemic.

This is because, the offline and online customer are the same as far as being selfish is concerned. It’s not even their fault that they left the ‘phone on, at night. They are interested only in what they are interested in. This is how to attract customer attention. Send them a text message in the night and have them mentally treat it as an ‘MPESA message not showing’. But. Send them an MPESA message that intrudes the silent night disrupting their sleep, and watch them pay rapt attention. If you’ve been asking how do advertisements attract our attention, now you know.

Research to discover customer desires

Now then. The importance of getting customers attention cannot be gainsaid. So too, watching out for attention signs from customers. Most sales trainings talk of nodding of head, responding with Hmm, et cetera.  All could be true and there are many others. But to trigger them, you must first attract the attention.

So what is the meaning of attracting the attention of the consumer or customer? It means getting and keeping them engaged with what you have to say. And this is best not winged, nor concocted. It is best first researched. ‘Google is your friend’, here. So too, mystery calls, or shopping. It gets the customer’s attention while pitching for a customer service training or consultancy when you say, “One of the challenges with your services is the hoops customers are made to go through. We called 7 times across 5 branches and were taken through the same rigmarole. As a customer I was wondering why I have to repeat the same information thrice. It was irritating. And so, yes, I understand why you need training.”

Tell the customer more of what the customer wants to hear, to accelerate the sale.

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