Organizational Culture Change in Kenya

Organizational Culture Change

Why organizational culture change?

Why organizational culture change management, or transformation of corporate culture, in Kenya or globally? Well, as a McKinsey & Company report on change management says, “As top management, you are the first to trigger or at least recognize workplace culture transformation.”

This is because, away from corporate culture theories and models, at the very essence, there are really only two types of corporate cultures.

Transformation of corporate culture

First, is the aligned culture. Here everyone is pulling in the same direction, generating great momentum (growth rates) and experiencing minimal friction (effective communication). Aligned culture is internally congruent; its is also in agreement with the market; and, thus noticeable industry prominence.

Second is, of course, non-aligned culture, with its attendant conflict as members pull and push at cross purposes.

This results in internal deficiencies and eventual rejection by the market.. And whether you are the one storytelling it or not, either way, a story of your organization’s culture is unfolding. This is the importance of organizational culture change management training program or transformation of corporate culture in Kenya.

Importance of organizational culture change management program in Kenya

Now then. Organizational culture change is change management. Culture is the number 1 most underrated factor of a company’s future success. (Korn Ferry). And yet, culture is “the oil that lubricates strategy.” The effects of organizational culture on organizational or employee performance is captured in this timeless quote. “Culture eats strategy (formulation and, definitely, implementation) for breakfast.” Indeed, research proves that companies which enjoy a healthy culture but lack a robust strategy, do better than those with a great strategy but without a healthy culture.

Further, Korn Ferry after surveying 500 executives across the World Most Admired Companies found this. Nearly two-thirds attribute their company’s market value to culture; and one-third attribute 50% or more to it. Therefore, it behoves organizations to align culture and strategy; that is, leveraging culture to drive organisational performance. And yet, another study revealed that only 15 percent of CEOs feel their corporate culture is where it should be. As a result of which their organizations underperform.

Transformation of corporate culture program

Now then. Culture is about how we relate to our colleagues, our work, and the external environment. Even when you – the leadership – correctly recognize non-aligned culture as market demand for change, a framework for the reconsolidation of culture (the journey there), will still require an organizational-wide process, in three key points or phases:

(i) Safe unfreezing of corporate structures,

(ii) Calibrated movement in the right direction, to the right extent

(iii) Gradual refreezing at the new desired state.

In short, to overcome the inherent challenges to doing it, you now need our external eyes and ears to tease out your conceptual business cultural ideals, move there and eventually settle at the transformed corporate home. This is how organizational or corporate culture can be transformed or changed.

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