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If you are seeking to hone the strategic thinking of your managers or leaders, typically for planning purposes, we, Lend Me Your Ears, can help. After all, our Strategic Thinking training in Kenya is designed just for this. To help you navigate success through insight. Why? This is because the importance of effective strategic thinking to the success of an organization cannot be gainsaid. This is even more profound in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) 21st Century that businesses are operating in. If interested, contact us for a free consultation 

Course Objectives

To begin with, “We need strategic leaders!” is a familiar refrain in many organizations. And yet many times no one really understands what it entails! I mean, it’s hard to be a strategic leader if you don’t know what strategic leaders are supposed to do. True? And it’s frustrating for executive and business owners who yearn vision bearers and importance of understanding business strategy as a leader or manager.

Therefore, designed for leadership and management training, Strategic Thinking training takes learners through

Strategic Thinking and Planning training
  • Strategy (What does this mean?)
  • The importance of strategy and strategic planning
  • 20th vs 21st Century management practices
  • The habits of strategic thinkers
  • What is strategic thinking?
  • Benchmark your organization against robust models
  • Examine and respond to environmental challenges
  • Strategic Planning
  • Effectively cascade strategic plan to implementers
  • And more

Now then. Unfortunately, every leader’s temptation is to deal with what’s directly in front of them, because it always seems more urgent and practical. Sadly, effective as that may sound, if you do that, you put your company at risk. While you concentrate on producing more fancy looking handsets (because hardware is what you’ve always been doing), you’ll miss windfall opportunities like customers preferring software, not to mention any signals that you are headed off a cliff. If this looks or sounds familiar then Strategic Thinking training is for you.

Through the use of robust models, case studies and practical examples learners will have their thinking provoked and experience a shift towards strategic thinking.

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 Strategic Thinking Training

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