This is our last post this year. From the two and a half score posts in 2021, here are three ways to increase sales in 2022.

Put the pandemic into perspective to increase sales in 2022

We have come full circle. Two year ago this December, Coronavirus was added to our collective global vocabulary. And the next 24 months have been a socio-economic roller coaster ride. Sales have been adversely affected but other sectors have experienced boom. Still, we’ve weathered the storm and two years in, annual deaths in Kenya from respiratory diseases pneumonia and tuberculosis (which we have lived with for decades), nearly treble those of COVID-19. Even experts have proven that the latest variant, Omicron, may be highly contagious but is little more potent than the common cold. Further just as with the Spanish Flu that died off by itself in two years, this December marks the second year of the virus. Then there is a vaccine in place and a general upbeat mood. Things are looking up. Your sales should too. But you must put in the work to increase your sales in 2022.

ways to increase sales in 2022

Follow-up, follow-through, just follow

Of the three ways to increase sales in 2022, here is the second. The sale is your priority not your prospect’s. Like an attractive girl, your prospect gets ‘hit on’ by many sales people. And just like the attractive girl, he will go for the one he feels attracted too but even then will lose interest if he does not follow up and follow through. It doesn’t matter that they liked you in the first presentation; that’s not a closed sale. It’s just a foot in the door. Follow-up to conclusion is what carries the day. And follow-up needn’t be intrusive but should show involvement, care for the prospect.

For instance, as the post says, ‘after the first contact, call or send a thank you follow-up email,  text or WhatsApp chat. This way it feels more personal and you have each other’s’ contacts in your inboxes and not on a disposable business card.’

Help buyers make purchase decisions

In 2022 just as in 2021 don’t sell. Help customers make purchase decisions. This is consistent with overcoming the cross purposes of the seller-buyer interview. When you ask a sales person the purpose of the interview with the buyer he will say, ‘To sell’. But when you ask the buyer the same question, the response will be, ‘To get information’ (to help make a purchase decision). Right there is the reason why many sales people struggle progressing the sale beyond the interview; they are pushing for the sale not helping buyers make purchase decisions.  Progressive sales people align the interview to what the prospect needs – information to help make purchase decisions. Depending on the product this can happen via regularly sharing relevant and useful information (like e-commerce product reviews and Uber driver ratings do) to showing how your product or service solves the buyer’s problem.

So there you have it. Three ways to increase your sales in 2022. Go for it!

And here’s to your sales success in 2022.

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