Today you are at the peak of your desire to see through your 2015 resolutions. And 2015 promises to be exactly what you plan it to be. For many, this means that having reached the peak, the only way is down, and January will end with the intense desire dissipated. Many, but not you, the progressive seller. You are determined that 2015 will not just be better, but, phenomenal. Here are 4 new year sales resolutions you can meet.

1: Double your prospecting rate.

The assumption here is that you have been actively prospecting. You have been like the honey badger-the only time it’s not eating is when it’s looking for food to eat. You have been continually on the lookout for people who can buy your product or service and have a database you are always updating. . If you have been seeking 4 names daily, get eight, and if eight, get sixteen and if nil, to make your 2015 phenomenal start with four. How? Besides the traditional methods (publications, electronic media, cold calling etc,) the contacts on your cell phone are a good place; then, progress to finding out how many of your 1721 Facebook “friends” honestly “like” you. Double your prospecting rate as a new year sales resolutions.

2: Actively ask for referrals. New year sales resolutions

For reasons I fathom not, many sellers don’t do this. They don’t ask for referrals. They complain they do not have prospects yet have several clients who are happy with them. Referrals are the Open Sesame of prospecting. You already have a foot in the door when you say, “Hello Zainah, my name is John from Nation Media Group. I was referred to you by Kageche of Lend Me Your Ears…” than you would, when you say, “Hello Zainah. My name is Kamau from Nation Media Group. I’m calling…”.

Make asking for referrals one of your new year sales resolutions. Contrary to popular belief, referrals need not be asked from closed business only or at point of close. No. Referrals can be asked at every point of contact; whether they buy or not, so long as they are happy with you and your product. To make your 2015 phenomenal, treble your referral rate. Go back to your database (assuming you have one) and let each entry in it, into your plan. “Happy New Year, Allan. I want to make my 2015 phenomenal and need your help. Please refer me to two other accountants in your department (or friends in your chama or WhatsApp group) whom I can talk to about (my product).” Ask and you shall receive is not a by word; it’s a lifeline. You’ll be amazed how many more people want to help you, than reject you.

new year sales resolutions

3: Frame your rejections for posterity’s sake.

Phenomenal success will not shield you from phenomenal rejection. Embrace it. Go one better. Type out verbatim the words used to reject you and pin them up. Don’t hide them in a file: pin them up on your Conquest Wall. In your moments of high, look at them. Read them out loud. I tell you, you will laugh your head off at how ridiculous they’ll look. Later in the year, use them as teaching aids for novices assuming it’s been smooth sailing for you. When you keep at it, you’ll always have the last laugh with rejections and you will laugh loudest at the end of 2015 when your phenomenal success is achieved.

4: And what is this phenomenal success in figures?

You tell me.

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