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Three lessons on courage, from sales jokes

Sales jokes are not just for the humour, but the learning, too. So, courage brother; like a humourist, do not stumble over vexatious beings. If you had ‘Njaanuary’ (no-money January) as your excuse not to sell, here’s something to lighten up your spirits- sales jokes from which we can learn the importance of courage when

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How To Overcome ‘Opposing’ Company Procedures And Still Close

Company processes and procedure are intended to protect, not suffocate, the company. In their stead an acceptable form of assurance will see the sale through When the client request goes against the company’s processes and policies, the average salesperson, sadly, acquiesces to fate. He loses the sale, reasoning, “It’s against procedure.” Processes and policy are

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Importance of knowing your customer when selling

In today’s world many business models are different from the traditional one and the definition of customer, needs discernment. Thus, importance of knowing your customer cannot be gainsaid. “Who is a customer?” Whenever I ask delegates in my sales training session that question, I almost always get one or both of these responses. “The customer

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