Connect the dots to being a seasoned salesperson or entrepreneur

Connect the dots is a form of (children’s) puzzle containing a sequence of numbered dots. When a line is drawn connecting the dots, the outline of an object is revealed. In the sales profession, connecting the dots will determine professional health or morbidity. Connect the dots to sales success Why? Because, the ability to discern patterns and associations transforms a novice salesperson into a seasoned expert. It is unfortunate that many sales people fail to connect the dots of their cumulative sales experiences to become seasoned salespeople. Some because they don’t know how, but most because they easily throw in the towel. Either way, when you do so, you frustrate your sales odyssey. Here’s how not to.

What does it mean to connect the dots to sales success?

I will illustrate. A client once hired us to “take his invention to market.” His words. In lay language, make it commercially viable (meaning customers to accept and buy it). They only had the prototype and tons of faith that there was a huge market out there that needed this service. That was it. Based purely on an emotional connection (something about the client’s passion) we asked for a week to establish viability before consenting. Interestingly enough, a few days of secondary (inclusive Google) research later, demonstrated that the faith the client had in the prototype was not at all misplaced.

In fact, the product was ‘bang on’ what the target market required. Armed with these new found and credible statistics, we had connected our first dot. We sought to connect the next one. Based on the statistics we developed a sales presentation and called up our first prospect. Two more dots had been connected. We presented, received objections and general feedback. Just like that, three more dots were connected. From a very long distance an object was emerging.

Benefits of connecting the dots in sales

Following the feedback from first presentation we improved our presentation in commensurate manner for prospect number two. Another two dots were connected. We soldiered on inspired by the very prospects whom, though none bought, both admitted we were on to something. The presentations to prospects number six and seven differed sharply from one and two. Now we had industry examples that supported our presentation, choice words we could use that the prospect could connect with and relevant industry jargon to show we had cut our teeth. Listening to us, one would imagine we were veterans in that industry.

Connect the dots to sales success

Meantime, all we were doing was merely connecting the dots to sales success. We consciously and deliberately borrowed from previous experiences to improve and inform subsequent ones. We trusted we would, in retrospect, see the light. Lo and behold from being utter novices, seemingly, we were now industry experts! Our audience was warmer, more receptive, we spoke their language. We had come of age! By this time the object which initially was a haze in the distance was now coming closer and taking shape-we could make a calculated guess as to what it could be.

Sales Odyssey: Why connecting the dots works

But why was the foregoing possible? Simple. Hindsight is vision 20/20. In life and business progress makes sense backwards. We connected the first dot, and then the next, then the fifth, the ninth and so on. To improve in the profession, salespeople must be prepared to connect the dots. Seeing sales as a profession prepares the salesperson to accept that he may start seeing the light after months of connecting the dots; and connecting the dots is a never-ending process. Much like a doctor knows that to remain relevant learning is infinite.

Among the ways progressive salespeople connect the dots to sales success, is by looking forward to objections with the sole intention of finding suitable responses to them. These salespeople have learnt over time that irrespective of the industry, objections are not infinite; the key ones rarely get to ten. And so, they have listed the objections and repeatedly tried various responses until, Eureka! they find the one that is most appropriate to each. In other words, they connect the dots until the object that was a blur comes into focus. Another way to connect the dots to sales success is to focus on the customer’s problem with agility (make it about them).

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Failing to connect the dots and being persistent, works against the salesperson; she is unable transcend to being a seasoned salesperson. She frustrates her sales odyssey. The unique experiences in the profession weigh heavily on her when she focuses on why the dots can’t be connected, instead of how they can be.

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Conclusion : Connect the dots to sales success

Now then. A successful sales odyssey requires both unyielding persistence and the skill of connecting the dots. Whether persisting through rejections or methodically refining responses to objections, the progressive salesperson navigates the dynamic landscape with resilience and strategic insight. Now, the question beckons: In your sales journey, are you embracing the power of persistence and connecting the dots to evolve into a seasoned expert?

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