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Boost sales by building a business case

Not having a sales business case is careless investing; in fact it’s not even investing, it’s gambling. “Why should we have a tent there? What’s the business case for it?” The seller is irritated. He curses silently beneath his breath. ‘Argh! What’s this business case nonsense? If they don’t want a tent there and the

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ASK show must reclaim glory as Kenya’s premier exhibition

The ‘analog’ way of selling the Show (Fair?), must get ‘digital’. Mercifully, the current strategic plan addresses this concern. Therefore, it can only be hoped that the lost glory will be reclaimed by the Society and not a commercial entity. So I attended the ASK Show, sorry, Agricultural Society of Kenya Show, sorry, Nairobi International

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How to maximize returns from your exhibition stand

Sell experience at exhibition stands to capture the imagination and maximize returns Your grand stand at the exhibition is not meant for grand standing. Exhibition stands are an investment from which a return is expected. Tragically, many institutions short change themselves by assuming that the stand is an extension of their shop floor or branch

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