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Don’t Bet! Instead, grow your way into successful selling

If you had bet KShs 200,000 on Leicester City Football Club winning the English Premier League (EPL) last year, you’d be worth one billion shillings now. And what would you have learnt? Nothing. The seductive, aromatic and hypnotic smell of betting frenzy is in the air. Able bodied men and women are flocking cyber cafés.

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Getting to the top is easy; staying on top, not so much

Being the top salesman feels much like winning the World Cup. It’s a double-edged sword. One edge cuts the air with jubilation as the world celebrates with you, while the other edge cuts deep with the realization that in this same instant you are champion, you are automatically the defending champion. Indeed, getting to the

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Sell ethically for sustainable business and commissions

To begin with, I was recently invited to a sales achievement awards ceremony and five things stood out for me. Today I share one. Sell ethically for sustainability. Next week. I’ll share the rest. Now. Like in any other awards ceremony, there were different categories. The one that I found of greatest interest is the

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