Sales presentations are the road along which you move to sales closes. Effective sales presentations smoothen that road, accelerating your movement along it and therefore letting you close more, faster. So if you are wondering how you can improve your sales presentations, buckle up. There are many effective sales presentation methods and ideas. However, doing just these three (replete with examples) will see you rocket propel down that road to more closes.

Address problems during sales presentations

Now then. Effective sales presentations are executed by sellers solving problems as they go along, not merely presenting, hoping to get along. For instance, stellar sellers invited by a bank to pitch their company’s iPads know that they are not the only ones invited to do so. And so they will research and explore in advance to identify what problems triggered the need for iPads and then demonstrate solving that problem in their presentation.  In the unlikely event they can’t do so in advance, they ask investigative questions during their sales presentation to yield the thorn in the flesh.

This is also an effective way to overcome no in sales presentations. You see, they know that the bank is not asking for a pitch for the fun of it. Duh! Obviously! I mean, an iPad is an iPad is an iPad. Yet as obvious as this sounds, the average seller will make an ineffective sales presentation extoling the features of his iPad in the hope that somewhere along the way, a connection with the potential buyer will (magically) happen. It doesn’t. And neither does the sale. So profound is this ‘solving not merely presenting’ tactic that almost always it is the seller that demonstrates solving the buyer’s problem that wins the sale. Even if he has an inferior product.

Limit your effective sales presentation to what is necessary

The successful seller is like a doctor. Despite his many credentials after his name, and years of continual learning under his belt, he limits himself to the cause of your head ache and its remedy. Stellar sellers know their products intimately but make an effective sales presentation by saying only what is necessary. Almost every sales person can excitedly regurgitate the features of their product or service. They know what their product is.

effective sales presentations

For instance, “Our hotel has huge open green spaces and the rooms have wooden floors.” Few can explain what the product does. .”  That is, its benefits. “The open spaces can be used for a garden weddings or even our latest COVID sensitive garden conferencing package.”  Fewer still can equate the benefits of the product to the specific buyer. Telling the couple coming in for dinner that your hotel has huge open spaces is irrelevant to them. They don’t care. They want to know about the food, service and restaurant. So for an effective sales presentation, say just enough to close the sale.

Be firm, but flexible, with Q&A

Should I let them ask questions as I go along or confine questions to the end? In my view there is no correct answer to that question because audiences are fluid.  And it is audiences that decide what makes best sales presentations.  Executives, for instance, are notoriously impatient and will interrupt your presentation with a question, and expect an answer, even if you had said the Q&A session comes at the end. 

Now then. When your sales presentation is interrupted you should respond dependent on the audience and the question. For executives, answer; especially if your ‘Q&A at the end plea’ is ignored.  For other members that say, “I forget quickly, so I’m asking now” encourage them to write it down so as not to forget. However, when you prepare a sales presentation for a product or service, an effective method to managing the Q&A session is to start with an overview or structure of what you will be presenting.  This tends to put many members in the audience at ease. The foregoing assumes that you are not working with a canned sales presentation. That’s one you have crammed and are terrified will forget if interrupted.

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