Finance for non-finance managers training in Kenya

finance for non finance managers

If you are a professional in inescapable need to understand financial statements then you are in good company. Many managers find themselves in this position following a promotion or redeployment. Regardless of the reason, if you are looking to know how to read and understand financial statements, then our short course, Finance for non-finance managers training in Kenya is for you.  

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Importance of and delivery of finance for non-finance managers course

Now then. Complete with a certificate and hands-on case study, this finance for non-finance managers or professionals training is important. This is because it enables you get more background in finance, so as to make informed business decisions. And also, it lets you acquire the ability to communicate with finance managers. “I wish someone had explained this to me when I started working. I’d be so much ahead in my career,” a participant has admitted. You see, starting from a basic stage, the practical workshop will demystify financial statements for you. You will happily dispense with any finance for non-finance managers ppt slides, pdf downloads, books or free online course you may have been slogging through. In fact, the training material and course content we use has been described by many as, “Easy to understand”.

Who is Finance for non-finance managers for?

Who should enrol? This is a short finance for non-finance professionals in Kenya program. It is specifically designed for non-finance people; or, small business owners, with no background or experience in finance or accounting. It’s also for those that may know what the financials mean, but not how to drill down to extract business meaning. For instance, to measure the profitability and translate that into strategy that can make you more successful in your job. It is also for you, if you have an understanding of how the decision-making is happening; but rarely an idea about how to offer an alternative, or to combat what it is being suggested.

Course content

This course has been designed to equip individuals with a non-finance background with essential financial knowledge and skills necessary to make informed business decisions. In today’s business world, financial acumen is crucial for effective managerial decision-making, regardless of your role or department. This training program aims to demystify finance and empower you to interpret and utilize financial information to enhance your decision-making capabilities.

  1. Fundamental Concepts: Understand the basic principles of finance, including financial statements, cash flow, and financial ratios.
  2. Financial Statement Analysis: Learn to analyze financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement) to evaluate a company’s performance and financial health.
  3. Budgeting and Forecasting: Gain insights into budget creation and forecasting techniques to set realistic financial goals and plan for the future.
  4. Cost Management: Understand various costing methods, cost behaviour, and how to manage costs effectively to improve profitability.
  5. Investment Appraisal: Grasp the principles of evaluating investment opportunities to make informed decisions regarding capital expenditures.
  6. Risk Management: Comprehend the importance of identifying, assessing, and managing financial risks within an organization.
  7. Financial Decision Making: Develop the skills to make sound financial decisions in a variety of business scenarios.

Why you should enrol

Now then. The short one or two day course, covers all the topics required to equip you with the competence, and therefore confidence to have a say in the decision making process. The idea is to give you a roadmap on how finances are used to make decisions. You should enrol if you want to gain confidence in your knowledge and understanding of finance. As a non-finance manager, after this course, you will eagerly look forward to being presented with financial data. (You can also check our Personal Finance course, Omoka!)

By the end of this training program, you will possess a solid foundation in financial concepts and tools, enabling you to actively participate in financial discussions and make informed decisions that positively impact your organization. We look forward to your active engagement and successful completion of this course. Let’s embark on this enriching journey into the world of finance for non-finance managers!

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