Business Development Training in Kenya

To begin with, if you are seeking effective business development training in Kenya we can help. This is one among our targeted sales trainings. Now then. The contribution of entrepreneurship to national development cannot be gainsaid. Further, and unfortunately, many erroneously assume Business development and selling are synonymous. And this very mindset negatively impacts how they go about their business. This includes many business development managers for whom the company expects will develop synergies that will yield mutual growth. Therefore, If effective business development training is what you seek, contact us a free consultation, or read on.

Business Development Kenya

What are the objectives in this course?

A: Introducing Business Development for Services Firms

Answering the Question: So What Is Business Development?

Dissecting business development

Placing the Customer Experience Centre Stage

Mapping business development to the customer lifecycle

B: Finding Damaging Gaps in Your Business Development

Spotting Patchy Business Development

Understanding Business Development Challenges for Services Firms in Kenya

Taking Stock of Where You Are

C: Diving Inside Your Customer’s Head

Uncovering and staying current with your customers’ real needs

Powering Growth Using Your Customer’s Viewpoint.

Strategic Literacy

D: Using the Lifecycle to Your Advantage

Clarifying Precisely What You’re Selling — and How

Considering the Pre-Sales Stage

Handling the After-the-Sale Process

E: Planning for Business Development

Developing an Offer that Sells

Presenting Your Offer

Building Your Business Development Plan

Putting Your Plan into Action

F: Managing Your Customers for Business Success.

Generating Success from the Customer Relationship.

Joining Together to Maximize Business and Customer Value.

Standing Tall To Get More Customers: Vertical Industries

G: Making Influential Friends: Partnerships

Seeking Partners for Mutual Benefit

Pursuing Your Plans for a Successful Partnership

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